Every Record Represents a Real Person

Putting patient privacy first so providers can put patient care first.

Industry-leading healthcare quality standards

杏吧专区’s unmatched quality level is achieved through our dedicated focus on health data exchange and customized technology and processes. Quality is built into every part of 杏吧专区鈥攊nto its people, processes and technology.


Quality is a top organizational priority, from the executive leadership team to field support. 杏吧专区 has the largest healthcare compliance team in the industry and has dedicated support to ensure secure, compliant release of information operations.


杏吧专区 has designed processes to maximize quality performance. This includes a user-friendly Compliance Dashboard that simply tracks, evaluates and prevents compliance issues.


Our Compliance team is involved in the development of HealthSource features, such as Verify and Target Due Date management, which are built to fully meet HIPAA and compliance requirements.