Solving the Last Mile of Data Liquidity 鈥 Quick, Effective Access to Medical Records and Clinical Data

杏吧专区 provides the nation鈥檚 largest and most comprehensive platform to source and acquire medical records and clinical documentation across the US Healthcare System. We are dedicated to improving how healthcare decisions are made by unlocking insights from structured and unstructured data and facilitating the secure sharing of health information with the right people, at the right time, across the breadth of the healthcare continuum.

杏吧专区鈥檚 scale, expertise, expansive provider network, and secure technology, HealthSource, make it the most reliable clinical data exchange and management company in the United States. With access to any medical record, clinical document, or encounter data at virtually any commercial hospital or care setting across the nation, 杏吧专区 is uniquely positioned to provide secure and pervasive access to a richer clinical data set.

Retrieving Clinical Data for anyone 鈥 from anywhere

  • Clear and legible reports
  • Veteran鈥檚 Choice Program records from community care
  • Medical records for Disability Determination Services
  • Data extraction and aggregation for clinical research
One-stop online portal enabling you to request, track, retrieve, and pay for retrieval of patient-authorized medical records