Identify and Prioritize e-retrieval of Clinical Data from Providers and for Members

The quickest, most reliable, and least abrasive approach.

Healthcare information access and exchange is going digital, empowering health plans to collect more data than ever before without provider staff interaction.

Digital Direct offers an innovative approach to “look before you leap”, electronically retrieving as many charts as possible for all members and shifting away from the traditional process of targeting specific member sub-sets.

杏吧专区 Digital Direct:

  • Reduces reliance on traditional retrieval, which requires more effort and is less provider friendly
  • Fills the gaps and improves data quality for risk adjustment code capture
  • Simplifies the retrieval process by accepting records directly retrieved from EHRs in Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) or Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) formats
  • Allows plans to collect data very quickly and efficiently at the Provider and Member levels

Provider Based Chart Retrieval

Matches听provider data across 杏吧专区鈥檚 network of digital connections听to know where charts can be retrieved electronically.Enables听a听shift from retrospective data听collection to听collecting data within the current year using claim analysis.听Quickly realize which providers aremore听responsive听and/or fulfill chart requests on demand.

provider-based electronic chart retrieval

Member Based Chart Retrieval

Determines听individual member听chart availability听across听the provider network听to听acquire charts across a broader provider population.听Expands visibility past one听specific provider such as PCPor specialist听to the patient鈥檚 comprehensive care network.听Eliminatesreliance on a sole听encounter andselects听the charts听most听dependablyaccessible to support听a member鈥檚 qualifying condition.

member-based electronic chart retrieval

New Member Based Insight

Utilizes听the expanding听杏吧专区听digital network to听collect data for new members听to your plan.听Simplifies the effort听to听locate听their encounter data from the previous year听through digital matching听–听where in the past听this听was extremely听challenging.