The seamless and secure way to exchange health data

The Datavant Switchboard is a secure, seamless platform enabling digital health data exchange while maintaining privacy compliance and enabling health systems to implement their specific data sharing policies. Switchboard supports digital patient medical records requests, data retrieval through APIs with controls enabling health systems to implement their unique processes for data sharing, automatic verification of each request, and digital delivery of data to authorized requesters in minutes.

Connect providers and requesters of patient health data

Datavant Switchboard seamlessly connects to Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems with individualized controls to ensure compliance. A system-to-system FHIR API connection to the EHR enables instant retrieval of the authorized data.

Switchboard connects with requesters digitally through customized user interfaces to provide health data for patients, payers, and commercial requesters.

Controls for providers – a configuration engine that enforces the ROI rules set by each provider for each type of request

Datavant Switchboard has an embedded configuration engine that enables provider-specific ROI rules for each request type. HealthSource is our retrieval workflow management system that provides additional controls for the health systems and clinics to implement their unique processes for the flow of data requests.

Comply with appropriate regulations and quality standards

  • Request authorization validation
  • Request fulfillment accuracy verification and audit trail
  • The highest security standards with Hi-Trust and Soc2 certifications