Health Information Management Solutions to Enhance Provider Operations and Outcomes

Empowering Greater Health by improving the way health information is managed, protected and leveraged.

Health data in medical records is a critical input for the healthcare ecosystem

However, managing medical records and information is complicated. The average hospital has 16 different electronic medical record systems, not to mention records still in paper or other formats. Add to that the increasing number of federal and state regulatory policies governing the management of protected health information.

Every Record Represents a Real Person

Like healthcare providers, 杏吧专区 keeps the patient at the heart of everything we do. We design our technology and services to ensure optimized operations for your organization, while helping patients manage their health records securely and easily.

杏吧专区 Can Help

杏吧专区 simplifies health information management (HIM), including the secure release of information (ROI), with technology-enabled solutions delivered at the highest quality standards. Our integrated approach 鈥 people + process + technology 鈥 can help provider organizations enhance operations, optimize revenue and improve patient experience and outcomes.